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The Office of Student Financial Aid periodically receives notification of new scholarship possibilities. When we receive a scholarship listing, we will post the name, the sponsoring organization, application deadline and a brief description with keywords that may help you selectively limit your search.

There are various types of scholarships. Some scholarships are awarded based on academic merit or association with a particular interest or qualification. Other scholarships are awarded to students with financial need. Use this search form to identify scholarships on our site that match your interests.

You can select one of these predefined lists, or use the search fields below.

Search Instructions

  • Searching is case-insensitive. Searching for Physics, or PhYsIcS, or physics will produce identical results.
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  • To get a list of scholarships specifically directed to Veterans, enter Veteran as the keyword.
  • You may enter one or more keywords by entering the words separated by a comma.